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Hua Hin attractions

A holiday by the sea is something everybody needs now and then. And once you’ve got it, who could ask for more? The country of Thailand, fortunately, has so many beach resort towns to choose from. Of course, they are all different styles and appeal to many different tastes. In some places, and particularly on remote islands, you have a quiet getaway, which can be quite romantic. In other beach towns, you may be looking a people from every country on earth, who have come for a sunny visit. There are parties and there are spots of tranquility. Hua Hin attractions, including the gentle sea, wrap up everything you need for a family vacation spot, whether long or short.   Ever since about a hundred years back, when members of the Royal Family and other wealthy persons began to spend their time bathing in the serenity and beauty of the area, Hua Hin attractions have drawn people consistently, and many have moved here, retired here, or built a lovely seaside house here. The summer seaside palace of King Rama VI, which was built in the early 1920s, is one of these Hua Hin attractions.  

Around the town and even just outside of it, you will find even more delightful things to see and do. The Hua Hin attractions made the town world-famous.

  Of course, what is a holiday without a little fun shopping? The Cicada Market is one of the Hua Hin attractions which features handicrafts and art for sale (and you can watch a number of the artists at work) in an open-air setting, as well as beer gardens, a delicious food court area and live music. Another, and perhaps better known, shopping zone is the Hua Hin Night Market, situated in the center of town. It is actually one long street that transforms toward evening, as venders line of their stalls selling every from clothing and crafts to DVDs and tasty street food.  And there are a few great places to grab a beer of sip a cocktail and watch the fun, too.


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V Villas Hua Hin MGallery Collection

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