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Hua Hin Night Market - Everything you should know

For over a century, since Hua Hin was discovered by Thai royalty and quickly became a favourite among the aristocracy, celebrities and the wealthy of the world, the Hua Hin area has enjoyed the reputation of a being a beautiful coastline with an atmosphere that seems to exude the very essence of tranquility. All of that said, fewer people that you would think know that there is a lot more to do in the town of Hua Hin than merely lounging around the blissful beach enjoying the sea breeze. In fact, amidst the marvelous restaurants and water parks and more, you will also find that one of the best places to visit is after dark, the famous Hua Hin Night Market.



For many people around the world, shopping is one of the greatest pleasures one can indulge in. These are the shopping lovers, who are sometimes even called shopaholics due to the fervor with which they follow their hobby. Granted a lot of this shopping activity people enjoy so thoroughly and passionately does not really even involve actual purchases.


Cicada Market


By far the greater part of this so called shopping is actually much more like what we know as “window shopping”. This is the name for that activity which true shopping lovers adore: browsing around through shop after shop and rack after rack, trying on this, holding up that and considering how life would be if they owned this or that item. If it is done alone the activity is much the same. If it is done with a partner or even a group, you can bet that numerous conversations are held over the prospects and potentials of every single item being considered … and more often than not being put right back on the shelf!


Nonetheless, this is what the shopping lovers of the world enjoy doing and this is why so many places around the globe have been created just for them and their pleasure.


Thailand – Center of the night markets


This is also why Thailand is so well known as a shopping lover’s paradise. There is nothing to compare with enjoying some super fresh Hua Hin seafood, for instance, in the midst of a great shopping experience!


Shopping is absolutely something that Thailand does very right indeed. And the famous Thailand night market is the epitome of joy for those who cherish those hours of browsing known as window shopping, whether you are buying things or not! The Thailand night market is the place to be and the place you must go at least once in your life if shopping is really your love, your pleasure and your addiction!


Some of the most well known of the Thailand night markets are to be found in Bangkok, the sprawling and busy capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. None of these Thailand night markets in Bangkok have the magical charm to be found in a Hua Hin night market if we are to be perfectly honest. Yet they are worth mentioning as so many tourists find their way to them during their stopover in Thailand’s capital, Perhaps they visit one while on they are on their merry way a bit further south down to the relaxing delights of a Hua Hin market and the marvelous flavors of fresh Hua Hin seafood to be found in a Hua Hin night market, as well as the famous Hua Hin street food.


Hua Hin Street Food


In the typical Thailand night market which you find in Bangkok there are irrepressible crowds of tourists. This could make your browsing experience a bit more difficult and walking around actually a little tough, unlike the easy sauntering possible in a Hua Hin market. A Hua Hin night market tends to be a bit more relaxed. However, the kind of shopping you find in the capital is probably larger. In fact, the Chatuchak Weekend Market, also open in the night hours, has often been called the largest open air market in the world. It is easily reached if you happen to stay in a hotel placed in the Siam district or anywhere along the city’s BTS Skytrain public transportation, since it is just off the Mochit BTS station. However, when you get to the Hua Hin night market it will be easy to discern between quantity and quality, especially where comfort is involved.


Probably the second most popular of these kinds of markets in Bangkok is the Ratchada Train Market. It does offer a quite stylish take on the night market genre, offering rows of stalls and shops selling all manner of trendy and kitch items and clothing which particularly delights the younger set, as well as a few tasty restaurants and pubs with live (and very loud) music. However, nowadays it is usually filled to the brim with tour groups which has really rather changed the dynamic a bit and made it harder to navigate your beloved window shopping experience.


Ratchada Train Market


This brings us once again to all the reasons why Hua Hin has become so well known as a better destination for the shopping lover to seek their pleasures in a Hua Hin night market during their stay at a luxurious resort such as V Villas Hua Hin. As the Hua Hin markets become more popular, along with the Hua Hin area in general due to so many sights available here as well as the enchanted atmosphere of Hua Hin itself, the Hua Hin night markets have become better known and more talked about among tourists, locals and on the internet.


An interesting thing about the Hua Hin night markets is that several different kinds of Hua Hin market are available. Some specialize more in local delicacies and cuisines, other Hua Hin markets focus on art and handicrafts created by local Thais of the area or further afield such as the OTOP project which makes it possible for Hill Tribes to produce and sell their craftwork in a Hua Hin market. Meanwhile, another Hua Hin night market may specialize more on furniture or home and decoration items. And some Hua Hin night markets just have it all!



Whatever their focus, though, you can be sure to find plenty of very fresh Hua Hin seafood and even more of the delectable Hua Hin street food in any Hua Hin market you go to.


So if you are looking to try out some Hua Hin street food, and especially the Hua Hin seafood right from the Gulf of Thailand, and you want to do some other shopping besides,


>> Here is a list of Hua Hin night markets to visit during your stay at V Villas Hua Hin


(1) Hua Hin Night Market

No doubt the most well known of all the Thailand night markets, this is an easy to find little road in the downtown area. Besides your usual souvenir items this is a great place for Hua Hin seafood and Hua Hin street food.

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(2) Chatchai Local Market

Not actually a tourist spot, but a local market, this is the perfect place to dive into the experience of local Hua Hin street food and all the Hua Hin seafood you could wish for!

Discover more | Location


(3) Cicada Market

This place has a well deserved reputation as the place to pick up some interesting handicrafts and works of art. Besides a bit of Hua Hin street food, you can also find a local café or two.

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(4) Tamarind Market

Near the Cicada Market but smaller and with a laid back retro feel, you can find some live music here as well. But the main attraction is probably the feast of various Hua Hin street food options to indulge in here!

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(5) Grand Night Market

Very popular among locals, you can find fashionable and cheap clothing, electronic accessories and more here, with a kind of flea market atmosphere. Of course this means you will also find a bit of tasty Hua Hin seafood here too!

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(6) Hua Hin Floating Market

Picturesque and hearkening back to yesteryear, a little manmade lake lined with shops little shops makes this a charming shopping experience.

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A stay at V Villas Hua Hin with your own private pool enjoying some succulent Hua Hin seafood after a evening of shopping in your favourite night market—it all sounds so good to be true … But dreams like this come true at V Villas Hua Hin.


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  • hua-hin-night-market-everything-you-should-know
  • hua-hin-night-market-everything-you-should-know
  • hua-hin-night-market-everything-you-should-know
  • hua-hin-night-market-everything-you-should-know
  • hua-hin-night-market-everything-you-should-know


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