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The Ultimate Guide for Hua Hin Railway Station

The Hua Hin railway station was opened in 1910 and provided a route from Bangkok going south to see all the beautiful Hua Hin attractions, which are still so beloved by Thai and foreign tourists today. The original station was rebuilt in 1926 with its very charming Victorian-Thai design. A colorful building, it is one of the most popular spots for tourism and for photographs, including selfies for social media, in the entire area of Hua Hin. It is an exceedingly well known spot in Thailand as well. It is only 800 meters from the beach, so one could enjoy a long but relaxing walk there, perhaps in the evening just before twilight, when the weather has cooled but while there is still enough sun for photos of the station. Because getting around Hua Hin is really so easy, due to its small town size, particularly in the center area of the town, it will also be very easy to get there from V Villas Hua Hin. The station can still be seen today and the platform is in use for those traveling by train to and from Bangkok, a trip worth taking for the scenic views and experience of this part of the lovely history of Thailand.



In Thailand you can find quite a few fascinating historical sites, particularly from the last couple of centuries. You don’t have to go far from the capital to encounter some extremely quaint and very attractive spots to visit during your travels around this amazing country. And this is especially true if you are headed for a destination Hua Hin.



Your destination Hua Hin is a great place to start looking for these classic beautiful sights, once you start getting around Hua Hin, and among the Hua Hin tourist attractions you are bound to discover some very photogenic locations at the very least. Hua Hin attractions are some of the best spots for selfies!


Besides the beach itself, which is of course the most beautiful of all Hua Hin attractions, and said to be the most tranquil sight on earth, there is at least one other of all the Hua Hin tourist attractions which is a definite must-visit in your destination Hua Hin. Of the many Hua Hin attractions which you might see while there, whether you stay in town or venture out to the beautiful scenery of the countryside and surrounding hills, the most original of all Hua Hin tourist attractions is definitely the unique Hua Hin railway station.


We can call the Hua Hin railway station the most original of the Hua Hin tourist attractions in destination Hua Hin because its history is interlinked completely with tourist in Hua Hin and the area. Getting around Hua Hin is easy so it will not be difficult at all to go see the Hua Hin railway station. But it will enhance the experience if you know a bit about it beforehand, so let’s have some of history of this historical Thai site and fascinating Hua Hin tourist attractions first.



Soon after the beautiful beach was discovered during a survey for the Southern Railway Line that would eventually stretch all the way from Bangkok to Singapore, stopping at destination Hua Hin, the original station was built in 1910. The Hua Hin railway station was rebuilt in its present state, as an exquisite example of Victorian-Thai architecture, in 1926 by Prince Purachatra Jayakara who was the commander of the Royal State Railways of Siam at that time. In 1967 the pavilion was relocated to Hua Hin from Nathorn Prathom and also forms another of the Hua Hin attractions most visited along with the Hua Hin railway station.


At the time of its construction of course getting around Hua Hin was a bit more difficult than today, but the station certainly improved travel from the north and south, and particularly from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, coming to destination Hua Hin.


Destination Hua Hin became wildly popular among royalty and the wealthy and other elites. A number of palaces were built up in the area, near the Hua Hin attractions. Each of them had a quaint Thai colonial period design which stands gleaming white and lovely in the relaxed atmosphere of beautiful Hua Hin beach. Various attractive mansions soon followed suit as more of those with means took advantage of the new way to travel to the destination Hua Hin.


Of course getting around Hua Hin back then was done by horse and buggy or perhaps by the new motor cars recently imported by those who could afford them, whenever one wanted to view the other Hua Hin tourist attractions. If neither of those ways were possible, people could simply walk. Getting around Hua Hin is not very difficult as the town is actually rather small. In fact it is only around 800 meters from the Hua Hin railway station to the lovely long strip of white sand beach at Hua Hin, with its famous clump of large rocks punctuating the center of it (one of the best recognized of the Hua Hin attractions)! Even traveling from your private pool villa at V Villas Hua Hin is a short drive there.


Nowadays it is more convenient getting around Hua Hin by car or motorcycle, of course. But the town, especially the center of it where most of the Hua Hin attractions are situated, is still small enough for a leisurely walkabout tour around destination Hua Hin.


Hua hin Train station


The railway station of Hua Hin is still used today and the destination Hua Hin is a Class 1 stop along the railway line south from the Thonburi station in Bangkok, from which all southern train routes begin. That makes it easy to see the Hua Hin tourist attractions by train if you wish. It is a thoroughly relaxing experience to watch the verdant countryside roll by, with its villages, farms, plantations and picturesque little hills passed along the way to destination Hua Hin, when you go by train there.


However, it should be said, that although riding the train down to destination Hua Hin to see the Hua Hin attractions is such a pleasant experience, it is not the fastest way to get down to Hua Hin. Actually, Hua Hin is only about two to two and a half hours’ drive by car from the capital, Bangkok. Nonetheless, the experience of travel by train to the Hua Hin attractions, and getting out of your train at this classic old elegant station, is certainly one of the very memorable Hua Hin tourist attractions you may experience while in Thailand. It doesn’t take at all long to get from there to V Villas Hua Hin, as well, once you arrive on this famous platform.


Although the station is still in use every day in present times, the classic building itself stands as a museum piece really and is not where you buy your tickets when in Hua Hin. It stands on the platform and serves as a beautiful example of the best architecture of the period, and it also is the subject, along with the famous Hua Hin railway sign there, of uncountable photographs and selfies scattered across the internet by both local Thai and international tourists to the area.



Widely considered the most beautiful station in Thailand by far, you can’t visit without making a photo here. Another interesting sight while visiting the station, whether you came by train or not, and are staying at V Villas Hua Hin, is the old actual train sitting nearby. The station houses a fascinating, and large, antique. This old 305 Unit Baldwin steam location, which is on display here at the station, has doubtless seen many interesting times rolling up and down the tracks and is an intriguing historical item also worth photographing.


All in all, Hua Hin offers both local and international tourists a lot of attractions and is really a spot filled with an almost indescribable natural beauty. The old station is a spot you will want to visit and will be glad you did, once you are back home in your own country and showing these lovely photos to those have not seen it yet. But why wait! Upload your photos of this picturesque station onto your favorite social media site and let everyone enjoy it nearly at the same time as you are!


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