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The old saying “Your health is your wealth” has never been more true. Thankfully, more people are beginning to realize it as more focus is put on keeping fit, observing a better and a healthier diet, and taking the right steps toward achieving the overall wellness of the body and the mind.


It’s not something to take for granted, as more and more people realize nowadays in their lives. The stresses of the modern world add up. Much of this probably has to do with what is called “office syndrome” and the fast-paced internet-driven society we increasingly live in, and the urban scene with its complex demands — all of these factors go into our current real and urgent need for better well-being and spa packages that answer our modern lifestyle conditions.



You simply cannot trade anything for wellness and your good health, and that is a fact of life. The body and mind work together, and the health of one has a great influence on the health of the other. The idea of a holistic approach to wellness seeks to promote the good health of both. And this is the reason why you can find more spa packages being offered around the globe, in some of the world’s most renowned luxury wellness retreats such as visiting a Hua Hin retreat at a Hua Hin wellness resort in Thailand. You will also discover that a lot of attention is being paid to discovering which one of the spa packages offered in all these beautiful places is really the best destination spa.



For all of the millions of tourists and travelers who come to Thailand every year, the solution for finding the best destination spa is made so much easier when you consider all the advantages and benefits of visiting a Hua Hin wellness resort. There really is no better choice in the Kingdom of Thailand for getting into healthy and restorative spa packages than getting yourself on a Hua Hin retreat at an authentic Hua Hin wellness resort, considered the best destination spa by those who make wellness a priority.


Just like your health needs have piled up and motivated you to giving your time and thought to selecting one of the best luxury wellness retreats in Asia, the reasons for choosing a Hua Hin wellness resort also add up—and make a lot of good sense. Let’s take a look at all of the good reasons for taking your body, mind and spirit on a Hua Hin retreat.



For one thing, your transportation to a Hua Hin wellness resort and its best destination spa is going to be extremely convenient for new arrivals in Thailand. The best of the luxury wellness retreats offering a Hua Hin wellness resort in Thailand, V Villas Hua Hin, from the MGallery Hotel Collection, is a short distance from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. In fact, the this Hua Hin wellness resort offers free airport transfer directly to the Hua Hin retreat on its premises, as part of its luxurious stay and spa packages.


By private V Limousine from V Villas Hua Hin, you can expect to cover the 200 km (120 miles) from the international airport to your choses Hua Hin retreat in a matter of a few hours, riding there in comfort which is so important after a long flight that crosses a few time zones on your way to this Hua Hin wellness resort.



Of course you will be very glad that you did. This Hua Hin wellness resort is after all the best destination spa among all the luxury wellness retreats in the entire country of Thailand, and it has the longest history of being recognized as the place to go for a Hua Hin retreat concerned with health and well-being. In fact, you could say that this Hua Hin retreat destination has a royal history.


You see, the story of the Hua Hin retreat really begins over one hundred years ago, at the turn of the 20th century. A member of the royal family, Prince Chakrabongse, while on a surveying expedition, discovered the beauty of this area and considered it could become perfect for a Hua Hin retreat. He fell in love with the extraordinary tranquility in the atmosphere of the area, which suits the Hua Hin wellness resort so superbly. He returned as quickly as he could to build the first beach villa in Hua Hin, putting the idea of a Hua Hin retreat on the map as the world’s top spot for rejuvenation and relaxation, as it later became the best destination spa as well.



Soon after, other members of the Thai royalty and aristocracy began to build in the area. King Rama V built a summer home in Hua Hin and King Rama VII built the beautiful palace of Klaikangwon, which in English means “Far from worries”. Throughout the succeeding decades, the area expanded to become the excellent Hua Hin wellness resort which we know and love now, with the top luxury wellness retreats in Thailand, and perhaps in the entire region of South East Asia.


Building upon its well earned reputation as a Hua Hin wellness resort, rather than simply a seaside town, the area has grown in terms of offering better accommodation and more complete and convenient infrastructure.  Spa packages can be found a plenty, of course, but so can other pleasant pastimes which people who visit the area as a Hua Hin wellness resort enjoy.



Seafood restaurants line the seashore, and it is here you will really find some of the most fresh and delicious seafood anywhere in the country. Golf is another prime activity for many visitors. The area around Hua Hin is dappled with the bucolic fairways which some say are some of the best in South East Asia. They are highly rated and loved by golfers, both those new to the sport and experts who have played many a round.


For more exciting activities, you might try one of the thrilling water parks not too far from V Villas Hua Hin either, such as Vana Nava Water Jungle. And of course, while you are in Thailand, there is always the shopping! The most famous location for shopping has to be the Hua Hin Night Market, but the high-end BluPort Mall offers an air-conditioned option as well.


All of these are perfect in the list of things to do either before or after indulging in one of the relaxing spa packages available in the Hua Hin wellness resort at V Spa in V Villas Hua Hin.



Nonetheless, in today’s world with our modern and at times very hectic lifestyles, when the stimulation seems almost nonstop, we all need to take some time for our spa packages. Once a year at least one of the many spa packages offered at the Hua Hin wellness resort of V Spa is needed for your physical and mental well-being.


Signature treatments, like the Silk Oil Massage, are specifically designed for him or her, and will begin to put you back in the place where your spirit needs to be, on the road to true health at V Spa, your genuine Hua Hin wellness resort.


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