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Celebrating New Year in Thailand

If there is one thing Thais really know how to do best, it is having fun! Celebrations in Thailand simply abound. The traditional Thai celebrations are absolutely loaded with good times. And just for good measure, the Thais have incorporated a few festivals from the international calendars as well, and turned them into even more great reasons to party.



Happiness is the name of the game in the Land of Smiles, and celebrating joyfully is how it is played when the holidays roll around. Once again it is time to indulge in nonstop fun.


First, you can mix it up with a little romance on Valentine’s Day in February, when the country offers scores of intimate candlelight dinner deals during that special evening, some of the best being poolside in one of the glamorous hotels or even right on the beach, such as at V Villas Hua Hin.



Get into April and the regions Hot Season with Chakri Day (Coronation Day, on the 6th of April), followed by the sweeping mid-month merriment of Songkran, the traditional Thailand New Year, in which the entire country is turned into a water splashing, spraying and partying bedlam of delight, alongside some meaningful family and religious rituals. This is without doubt the most culturally significant festival in the Kingdom of Thailand and, although it is the historical Thailand New Year, as we will see just a little further down in this article, New Year’s Eve 2019 Thailand will also be celebrated with great relish and revelry, with many options for the best place to spend New Year’s in Thailand, such as a marvelous beachside Hua Hin New Year.


But first, of course, the birthdays of the highly revered royal family are also observed with days off throughout the year while, during July, you will have some important Buddhist holidays such as Kao Phansa, which will give you a few days off to visit your favorite rest and relaxation spots. Another one occurs in October, though a bit shorter. This leads us to the month of November and Loy Kratong, what some call one of the most beautiful festivals in the world, is celebrated. The waterways, and even the pools, of Thailand will be covered in little candlelit votive floats in tribute to the Goddess of Water.



And now we come around to December, everyone’s most cherished month, when everyone is anticipating and waiting excitedly for all their plans to travel to the best place to celebrate New Year in Thailand to come to a fun and memorable fruition.


Actually, something for everything can be found in December, and that is not all just because of the Thailand New Year. A significant reason to look forward to December and consider the best place to celebrate New Year in Thailand has less to do with manmade rituals than it does the climate itself! This is because during December we will enter Thailand’s Cool Season, or so it is called. You can expect a slight reduction in the temperature about this time. Typically in December there will even be a week — or, if you are very lucky, two weeks — during which it is actually even a bit cool … Many visitors from colder climates, such as Northern Europe, will no doubt find this short spell of cooler weather around the Thailand New Year just about perfect!



Before we get to New Year’s Eve Thailand 2019, expect a couple of shorter holidays first, these being the birthday of the deeply revered late king His Majesty Rama IX on the 5th of December. This is followed by the nation’s Constitution Day on the 10th. Later, of course, on the 24th and 25th of December, much of the world celebrates the cherished Christian holidays of Christmas Eve and Christmas. You can expect decorations and parties and gatherings for these holidays in Thailand as well, particular in large hotels but even in shopping malls. All of this is just a matter of days before the great celebration of New Year’s Eve 2019 Thailand.


People are always extremely excited about settling on the best place to spend New Year’s in Thailand. There are so many places that are so beautiful and fascinating in Thailand, and New Year’s Eve 2019 Thailand will be bigger and better than ever, without a doubt.


The truth of the matter is, enormous numbers of people are coming to visit Thailand especially for all these festivals and celebrations every year, and the Thailand New Year is a very important part of that. They make a note of their favorite festivals and plan their holiday in Thailand around them. They decide on the best place to celebrate New Year in Thailand, and many choose a Hua Hin New Year for very good reasons.



One thing is sure for the stylish and in-the-know individuals who love a good New Year’s party. The best place to spend New Year’s in Thailand has to be gorgeous. A Hua Hin New Year certainly satisfies that requirement with its incredibly gentle tides and an extraordinarily tranquil atmosphere, ringed by pleasant low hills.


The next thing is that there should be not only some great parties in the best place to celebrate New Year in Thailand, but also an intriguing list of fun activities for the holiday. People coming all the way to the most splendid beach in the country really don’t want to wait around just for the evening of 31st December to have any fun. You will definitely want to make the most of every hour of your stay in one of the most lovely and wonderful spots on earth, leading up to the great night. This includes tours of the surrounding national parks and their gorgeous waterfalls and fascinating caves. An elephant ride through the hillside vineyards nearby is also recommended. And of course, if you have more than one night to spare, a visit to the bustling Hua Hin Night Market, or even the arty Cicada Night Market are de rigueur for holidays in charming Hua Hin!



When the Thailand New Year finally comes, the most traditional thing to do would be heading over to BluPort Mall and stocking up on a few picnic supplies. Some fruits, cheese, crackers and bottles of a good wine or two (or more!) are perfect. You can begin your evening early this way with a cool evening party right on the sands. As the night rolls around, expect some fabulous fireworks for the Hua Hin New Year exploding in a wild and colorful array over the waves, launched from nearby hotels.



But why not have it all at once? The best choice for your New Year’s destination is certainly a beachfront resort such as V Villas Hua Hin. Here you can enjoy not only the beach, but also an exclusive villa for your friends and family with its own private pool. Just imagine a scrumptious seafood barbeque in your own beachside party venue, waiting on throughout a night of joy by your 24-hour personal butler. Each villa at V Villas Hua Hin is not only luxurious furnished, it also comes with its own wine cellar containing some excellent labels for a New Year’s celebration is high and delicious style.


This is the place to give a real send-off to the old year and welcome in 2020 properly, with good times and a party you will always remember.



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