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Hua Hin Seasonal Guide - The Best Time To Go

Every year Thailand just gets more popular as an international tourist destination. People around the world seem to be flocking to this country for its incredible sights, the friendly culture and the beautiful beaches. And the tourism industry of Thailand has adapted along the way and seems to have no real problems accommodating everyone with the same warm Thai smile they always have.



You would be correct if you concluded that there certainly must be something drawing all these people from so many different countries, cultures and backgrounds to Thailand. In fact, there are a lot of things. The Kingdom of Thailand is blessed with being able to offer a diverse range of activities and sights. There is something to please everyone here in Thailand, and that’s a fact. It is no wonder that people do sit down and consider where the best time to travel in Thailand is, or Thailand best month to visit. For beach lovers who are pondering over the best time of year to visit Thailand, researching the best time to go Hua Hin is of equal importance!


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However, one of the truly most wonderful things about the best time to travel to Thailand, or the best time to go Hua Hin for a stay in a luxurious pool villa at V Villas Hua Hin, is that actually the marvelous places in Thailand are great to travel to all year round!


That being said, there is of course some variation in the weather throughout the year. And naturally you will also encounter some slight differences in the climate as you traverse up or down the length of the country. As a state, the country of Thailand is rather long, measured at 1,648 km (which is 1,024 mi), and stretches well across the 13 degrees latitude point where the capital city of Bangkok is located, the capital being situated more or less in the middle of it all.



The most remarkable differences, which will be most noticeable to tourists considering the best time of year to visit Thailand, is that as move farther northward you can get into weather that is a bit less humid than you would experience if you moved in the opposite direction from Bangkok, meaning southward. The reduction in humidity can produce some nice cool evenings in the North, for example around Chiang Mai, but even in the higher elevations in the Northeast. This is most remarked upon during Thailand’s winter, or Cool Season, months, which are within November to March at the very latest. Though visitors from quite cold countries may not find these months especially cool!


The rains are another factor to think about regarding the best time of year to visit Thailand, and particularly the best time to go Hua Hin. This is partly because of the variation in how the Rainy Season falls in the different regions of the country.



While in the Central region, where Bangkok is located, people generally expect rains to start in June and go on through to September, or even October or longer in an occasional case. However, this shouldn’t really affect travelers concerned with Thailand best month to visit, because the rains in Thailand are often only in the evening. It starts with a strong wind at twilight, as the temperature changes, and after this the rain may be strong and brief, or just a sprinkle, or it may go on all night.


As we move southward, the Rainy Season is slightly adjusted and this should be mentioned in a good Hua Hin travel guide. The farther south you go, the later the rains, and this might after your idea of the Thailand best month to visit or the best time to go Hua Hin.


Hua hin Train station


Because of this, the high season for travel sees some differences accordingly. It is true that most people feel more comfortable traveling to a tropical climate in the Cool Season, which would put the best time to visit Thailand somewhere between the months of November and March. However, in the Central Region you can usually expect it warming up by February. In the North, to get the most out of the cool weather, people are going to Chiang Mai and beyond in December and January when the chances of an actual chilly day are highest!


The best time to go Hua Hin, however, which is nearly 200 km south of Bangkok, varies depending on the weather from the Gulf of Thailand.  Between January and August you can usually expect less rainfall further south, though it often starts by late July in Hua Hin. But again, that does nothing to diminish the beauty and tranquility of this lovely place. If there were any comment to be made at all about the very best time to go Hua Hin, the reply would have to be “any time”.


Have fun with Hua Hin Beach


However, for those who love a dip in the sea — and when going to the beach that includes a great many people — any Hua Hin travel guide will dutifully inform you, for your safety, that during the months of June to October tropical jellyfish are more common along the coast and some do come in close to the beach, which results in a painful, but not permanent, sting.


Regardless of the weather, there are certain events throughout the year that you may want to plan on your trip coinciding with. A great many people are very happy to declare that during the national festivals of Thailand it is definitely the best time to travel to Thailand, even if the weather is hot and sultry or rainy and humid.



Right in the middle of the Hot Season, in mid-April, you are going to find Songkran, the Thai New Year. This can get a bit wild at times, with the traditional splashing of water going on, though Hua Hin is generally more sedate. Another magical time is Loy Kratong, usually around November, in which Thais place floating votive candles in rivers and canals as a prayer to the Goddess of the Waters.


As your online Hua Hin travel guide, our insightful concierge at V Villas Hua Hin would certainly be able to direct you to the best place and way to celebrate these wonderful festivals.


Last but not least, the best time of year to visit Thailand depends a lot on what you want to see and do while here. Hua Hin is a beautiful and extraordinarily tranquil area, and the best time to go Hua Hin may very well be up to your own dreams.



If traveling for romance and you enjoy privacy, V Villas Hua Hin with its secluded private pool villas is certainly the right spot. But the best time to go Hua Hin for you may actually be from March until May. The weather will be hotter than at other times, no doubt, but there are less tourists and you will have some of the loveliest views all to yourselves.



On the other hand, if your vision of romance includes the splendor of a beach wedding at V Villas Hua Hin, then November to February, when it is cooler and dryer, is your best bet. Avoiding the humidity during your wedding photos is a good idea!


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