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Romantic Dinner in Hua Hin

Share a moment of true love with a private and romantic dinner Hua Hin at V Villas and escape to bliss with beautiful beachside dining.




Love is the flower of life. Sometimes it seems to fall from the heavens like a surprise of pure grace, and other times it is the sweet reward for our sincere efforts. One thing is for sure, if you ignore or neglect the one you love, the poor little flame of desire starts to wane and weaken. Fortunately for the lovers of the world, keeping the wondrous spark of romance burning is one of life’s most satisfying projects. And it is something that we all relate to and feel is true deep down inside.


A special gift now and then when it is not expected. A single rose placed in a strategic place for your lover to discover it, lighting up their day with joy. These are the delights that love revels in.

Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin" Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin"

A little getaway trip is even better, such as enjoying a beach view dinner made just for two. After all, even the best and most devoted of hearts, deeply in love, need an escape now and then from the humdrum existence of daily work and life schedules. And a beach side candle light dinner is the all-time perfect expression of romance, which takes two lovers straight to the heaven of their dreams.


A vacation in Thailand offers couples a wealth of beautiful opportunities for expressing their love and for escaping away together to the special romantic moments shared by no one else. The excitement of fast paced Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, certainly includes flashy restaurants and shopping malls, as well as trips to some of the most famous and gorgeous golden and glittering temples in the world. There is also a nightlife in the city that lets you dance the night away.


At the same time, trips to the northern part of the country will take you up to the purer mountain air and present you with sprawling views of the lush countryside and pleasant green rice fields, as well as given you both an opportunity to explore the local culture.

ThaiTiewThai" ThaiTiewThai“ThaiTiewThai"

And while all of these things to do are in fact beautiful and interesting—and doubtless they are also part of any trip to Thailand’s list of must-do’s—the truth remains that a stay on the beach is still the zenith of romance for couples in love and a romantic dinner on the beach is an incomparable experience for lovers.


In every list of the world’s romantic destinations or activities a beach view dinner still comes out on top. Like sharing a moment before the backdrop of eternity, the deep sea beside you with its gently rolling waves meeting the horizon in the distance, lends us a sense of great and precious significance for our love during a beachfront dinner. And if your moment of romance is a beach side candle light dinner, all the more so, with the little flame reflecting seductively with the stars in each other’s eyes.

“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin" Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin"


A romantic dinner on the beach has no equal for a date. Indeed, when you choose the beach side resort town of Hua Hin for the site of your beachfront dinner, you actually include so many of the other sights as well.


Hua Hin is one of the best romantic destinations in Thailand and a splendid choice for a private dinner on the beach. Surrounded by hills, the tides of Hua Hin are said to be the most tranquil on earth, which makes a beachfront dinner here the perfect location for a private dinner on the beach and especially for a beach side candle light dinner as the waves are so gentle that their soothing sound will send you both into loving bliss.


If you haven’t fallen deeply in love yet, you certainly will after a beach view dinner in the lovely Hua Hin.

“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin “Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin

As the sound of the waves lures you into romance during your private dinner on the beach, the sight of the last rays of sunlight glittering over the water is enchanting. Throughout the day, the ocean has called you, and called your twin hearts to this eternal moment.


Finally, facing each other, heart to heart and soul to soul, over the romantic dinner at the beach which you have carefully planned, and gazing into each other’s eyes at the shore of the Gulf of Thailand in Hua Hin, love begins to bloom as it never did before, with a beautiful taste which is so much sweeter than ever.

“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin “Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin


Of course, a marvelous menu during any beach view dinner makes it all the better. The cuisine served needs to be delicious and made with very high quality ingredients by a professional chef who knows how to guide your palates to culinary ecstasy with the traditional dishes, but also who is not afraid to experiment a bit and create something with an innovative flair that will help make this romantic beachfront dinner more memorable than simply dining together anywhere else in the country or the world!


While there are several options for a beach view dinner actually in Hua Hin town or along its long white sandy beach, the place that stands out in sheer romantic pleasure is V Villas Hua Hin.

“huahinpoolvilla huahinpoolvilla“huahinpoolvilla


The fascinating architecture of this resort was designed particularly to enhance the privacy of couples in love. Staying at V Villas Hua Hin makes you feel almost like you are the only two people at the most beautiful location on the globe, and enjoying a private dinner on the beach that no one else ever has in all of history. This is the power of love that the truly extraordinary atmosphere of Hua Hin, beloved by royalty and celebrities for over a century since its discovery, surrounds you with, gets into your hearts and fills you with.

“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin


A romantic dinner on the beach here is a unique experience, with options to satisfy your mood and desire. As you make your way down the gently descending path through a nearly secret hedgerow, past the villas each ensconced in exclusivity with their own private pool hidden away, you will glimpse the barely-seen edge of the infinity pool as it melds with the horizon, which in turn melds with the sky.


Then you turn into the charming Villazzo restaurant of V Villas Hua Hin. With a delectable 5-star menu offering your favorites in several perfectly made cuisines, you have the option of enjoying your private dinner on the beach actually within the restaurant or outside and alfresco.

“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin “Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin“Romantic_Dinner_HuaHin


For those lovers who decide to make their romantic dinner on the beach an experience that they will cherish in their hearts forever, the restaurant holds a special treat in store. Just beside the resort’s gorgeous infinity pool, which seems to blend with the very heavens in blissful infinity, a marvelous experience awaits.


With dining tables in deep little alcoves surrounded on all sides by water, the submerged dining experience of V Villas Hua Hin is not only one of a kind, it is also fabulously romantic. An added bonus, of course, is the incredible beauty of this location provides the perfect spot for taking that absolutely splendid selfie together, you and your true love, that will capture this memorable moment of romance between you both forever.



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