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A 5-star Hotel in Hua Hin

Dreaming of the perfect vacation is something we all like to do. In fact, planning it all out is an important and fun part of the whole experience. Once your budget is figured up, you have the opportunity to look at the wide range of accommodations and activities available nowadays on the internet. It’s the thrill of the hunt — but this time it’s a hunt for luxury, comfort, convenience and great value for money in a Thailand 5 star hotel!


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You can surf the web for hotels in the great capitals of the world, those with inspiring mountain views and for luxurious resorts on the beach. A Thailand 5 star hotel should offer these pleasures in various locations. But sooner or later, this exploration will take you to Hua Hin hotels on the beachfront, and that is where you will certainly discover V Villas Hua Hin, MGallery listed among the best of Thailand 5 star hotel properties but also among the Hua Hin luxury hotels. Again and again it is considered a Hua Hin best place to stay.

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When all indications and arrows point to a certain property as the Hua Hin best place to stay, then it is definitely worthy of attention and should be the next place we visit during our holidays. We can see that the resort belongs to a notable luxury brand and continues to receive recommendations and commendations. We can also see that it is numbered among the best of Hua Hin hotels on the beachfront. That sounds very good so far!


And what a beachfront it is, as the long sandy beach of Hua Hin, caressed by the waves of a gentle tide and a pleasant atmosphere, is frequently referred to as the most tranquil beach in all the world. With special mentions like this, Hua Hin has got to be next on your list for a vacation.


The beauty and popularity of Hua Hin has made a vast variety of accommodations available in town and in the surrounding area. You can find cheap and clean hostels, and even very basic rooms on one of the piers that project from the beach. Hotels with a single star, or none, are to be found all the way up to a lovely selection of the beautifully constructed Hua Hin hotels 5 star rating properties, whether they be intimate boutique resorts or representatives of some of the most prestigious brands in the world.

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The town of Hua Hin is a fascinating destination in itself. Its history begins long before there were so many Hua Hin hotels 5 star or otherwise to choose from. Previously no more than a simple fishing village, its particular atmosphere of bliss and serenity — which seems to be the result of the perfect combination of climate and beachside location — was discovered by Thai royalty over a hundred years ago. Delighting in its specialness, they began to build palaces there, as other members of the wealthiest class also constructed mansion in the area as well. These attractive residences were fashioned in the colonial style of the time and pleasantly complement the scenery. The Summer Palace of King Rama VI, built in 1921, is a prime example.


Eventually, foreign dignitaries and others of means also began to enjoy Hua Hin. The first of the Hua Hin luxury hotels were built and so was a railway leading from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, all the way town to Singapore—with a convenient stop in Hua Hin! Originally built in 1910, and rebuilt in 1926 in its present beautiful form, the old antique railway station is a charming sight in the town of Hua Hin.

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That old world charm is still evident in Hua Hin. It is still a favourite of royalty and the wealthy, and is surrounded with an air of elegance in its tranquil environs. This contributes to the Hua Hin best place to stay phenomenon.


Nowadays, the town has a lot of things going for it in addition to an extraordinary natural environment, situated between the hills and the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. You will find restaurants galore, quite a few Thailand 5 star hotel resorts, fun and fabulous night markets, some of the best golf courses in the region and thrilling entertainment like cabarets and fun, sporty activities such as the impressive Vana Nava Water Jungle water park, or glamorous shopping at BluPort Mall. But the town still retains its peaceful charm and original attraction. Taking full advantage of this, Hua Hin luxury hotels are some of the most enjoyable destinations in the world. They certainly contribute to making your holiday dreams come true as a Hua Hin best place to stay.


With so many Hua Hin luxury hotels nowadays spaced out along the gorgeous and still peaceful beach of Hua Hin, a good question is it exactly that makes V Villas Hua Hin such a constant favourite of all the Hua Hin hotels on the beachfront.

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Let’s take a moment to look at how this particular resort became such an acclaimed Hua Hin best place to stay among the Hua Hin hotels 5 star properties and resorts.


All of the right ingredients have gone into this resort, together making it a Hua Hin best place to stay. It is under the acclaimed MGallery brand, reflecting a style of luxury and personality all its own. It was built specifically to enhance the privacy of its sophisticated guests, with its villas each exclusively set off from one another by high walls of verdant hedge. The architecture is breath-taking, echoing the terracing of hillside rice paddies somehow in beautiful collusion with the old villazzos of Italy.

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The infinity pool simply melts into the horizon. And the resort’s restaurant, Villazzo, offers the distinct pleasure of a submerged dining experience, with the lowered tables surrounded by the waters of a tranquil pool. In the candlelight, this is exceedingly romantic.


One-, two-, or three bedroom villas are available, tailored for weekends of romance or for intimate family and friend reunions.


Within each of these villas, guests can enjoy their own private pool and sumptuous furnishings. High-end Hermès amenities are another bonus, as well as the complimentary for use i-Pad and handy smartphone, not to mention the wine cellar stocked with some very fine vintages.

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Guests are also pampered with 24-hour around-the-clock personal butler service. The butler is great for arranging reservations of any kind or bringing guests anything they need, as well as serving wine or even cooking up a private in-villa seafood barbecue to enjoy right by your private pool.

Whether you are staying as a couple or a group in one of the larger villas, your butler can arrange one of the fun tours into the surrounding area of Hua Hin. These include elephant rides through the hillside vineyards, trips to the nearby caves and waterfalls of the national park, or even shorter jaunts such as to the famous Hua Hin Night Market or the arts and crafts haven of Cicada Market. These are some of the other great sights that go into making Hua Hin best place to stay and bring visitors back again and again.

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But while we are still on the topic of your villa’s private pool, another complimentary and not-to-be missed pleasure at V Villas Hua Hin is the Floating Breakfast, or Floating Afternoon Tea (depending on your package). These are the ultimate selfie moments, and will surely be a memorable part of your holiday in Hua Hin.


With gourmet selections brought by your personal butler directly to you while you lounge in your private pool, on a special floating tray, you know you are living the life of luxury and style.



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